Corporate Team
Douglas Boteler
Chief Executive Officer 
Douglas C. Boteler is the visionary and strategist of our company. He has infused his personal integrity and enthusiasm into the corporate environment.
He is focused on maintaining a customer service-oriented organization, providing clients with excellent service and competitive rates.
Since October 5, 2005 Mr. Boteler has led the company into many partnerships with MSO's including Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, Cox Communications, Insight Communications, and MetroCast.
James Boteler
Chief Financial Officer
James W. Boteler provides his fellow executive managers analysis, interpretation, and recommendations regarding the company's finances. He also maintains positive working relationships with lenders and outside auditors while attending to ethical considerations.
Captain James Boteler, in his earlier career, piloted C-130 search and rescue planes for the U.S. Coast Guard and later retired a Commercial Airline Pilot for American Airlines.
He and his wife Kaye Boteler have three grown children.

Donald Hiatt - Financial Controller

Scott Boren - Corporate Recruiter / Human Resources

Noemi Arcos - Central Dispatch Operations Supervisor

Wayne Winn - Remittance Specialist
Davis & Humbert, PA - Legal Team
Parker Poe - Legal Team
Joe Wrenn, CPA - Accounting Team
HUB International - Insurance Team
Penguin Data - Workforce Management Team

New Orleans, LA - Leadership Team

Cox Market

Donavan Davis - Project Manager

Derek Prejean - Field Operations Supervisor

Pending - Field Operations Supervisor

Pending - Field Operations Supervisor

Pending - Quality Control

Pending - Warehouse Manager

Megan Waddell - Office Administrator

Charlotte, Greensboro & Raleigh, NC - Leadership Team

Time Warner Cable Market

Daryl Wallace - Project Manager

Brian Presnell - Field Operations Supervisor
Michael Lopez - Field Operations Supervisor
Mike Carter - Quality Control
Kirk Arvo - Warehouse Manager

Megan Waddell - Office Administrator

Roxboro & Sanford, NC - Leadership Team
Charter Market
Daryl Wallace - Project Manager
Christopher Beck - Field Operations Supervisor
Kirk Arvo - Warehouse Manager

Megan Waddell - Office Administrator

Asheville & Hickory, NC - Leadership Team
Charter Market
Renee Thomas - Project Manager
Kenny Dente - Field Operations Manager
Gerald Keeney - Field Operations Supervisor

Jonathan Kivora - Quality Control

Perry Wiltfang - Warehouse Manager
Kimberly Godfrey - Office Administrator
Greenville, SC - Leadership Team
Charter Market
Renee Thomas - Project Manager
Robert Blakely - Field Operations Supervisor
William Juarez - Field Operations Supervisor
Jonathan Kivora - Quality Control
Perry Wiltfang - Warehouse Manager
Kimberly Godfrey - Office Adminstrator
Virginia Beach, VA - Leadership Team
Cox Market
James Gwynn - Project Manager

Michael Caddy - Field Operations Manager

Megan Waddell - Office Administrator
Central New York - Leadership Team
Time Warner Cable Market

William Richardson

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